Assistant Director of Property & Housing

Role profile

South Ribble is no ordinary council and we don’t do recruitment the way that most local authorities do. Everything we do here is a little bit different. We call it the South Ribble Way. At the heart of our decision to take on great new people is our unique and innovative approach to Blended Working. Of course, we need to understand your professional experience relevant to this role, but more important whether you will fit with our way of working and what your personal contribution to the transformation of our organisation will be if we take you on.

So why join us?

We offer:

A can-do, customer orientated and outcome focused approach to doing business.
Freedom. You will be empowered to think, innovate and deliver.
A One Team, One Council culture where everyone is working collaboratively to deliver on our promises.
A constantly changing environment; in a good way! You’ll never get bored.

What will you want me to do? 

  • Lead transformational change across the Council alongside the Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Regeneration & Growth and Director of Neighbourhoods & Development.
  • Assist in the delivery of a high performance Council housing and environmental service in line with the Corporate Plan.
  • Guide us through complex strategic housing, property services, asset management and facilities management issues using your technical leadership and experience. 
  • Execute strategies that enable the effective delivery of wider Council vision and priorities (People, Pounds and Property).
  • Manage your direct reports, resources and team performance.
  • Question the way we do things; use your evaluative judgment to seek areas for service and technical improvements beyond the Council’s previous experience.

We’ll need you to have experience of:

  • Significant operational leadership experience in a public or private sector organisation of comparable scale and complexity with responsibility for similar services.
  • Contract negotiation and management and / or commercialisation of services including personal influence and leadership.
  • A track record of delivering specific service change projects in line with ambitious corporate plans and targets.
  • Experience of contributing to organisational transformation programmes, corporate strategy and plans at a senior management level.
  • Experience of working with external partners to jointly deliver excellent and outcome focused customer facing housing and environmental services.
  • Knowledge of local government governance and the role of Elected Members in the decision-making process.

We also need you to have the following attributes:

Enables openness between multiple internal and external stakeholders, actively builds and maintains and effective network and identifies opportunities for building mutually supported partnerships.

Facilitates collaboration by creating multi-disciplinary teams to address key issues and priorities.
Systematically and methodically identifies and addresses areas/ opportunities for development and capability.

  • Is able to identify issues from multiple perspectives in order to influence through identifying win-win opportunities.
  • Is able to garner key information from a wide range of sources and will use this to inform their strategic thinking.
  • Is able to take responsibility for key decisions and not only takes accountability but will make them in a timely way.
  • Open to innovation but is conceptually agile enough to weigh up the pros and cons of competing viable options.
  • Clearly sets out expectations and manages performance with fairness and transparency.